Character information
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Alliance
Former Affiliation
Status Unknown
Other information
Appearances Warcraft: The Beginning
Portrayed by Ryan Robbins

"They're beasts. They should all be destroyed."

Karos was a Human male. Karos was seemingly a high command soldier under direct command under the King. He was usually seen in the map and strategy room of Stormwind Keep during the movie. Karos is first seen when informing Lothar that an unknown person was found creeping around the Barracks


Warcraft: The BeginningEdit

"Karos and The Dark Portal Assault"Edit


Karos is assumed dead after the assault on the Dark Portal in which no Stormwind soldier made it out of the battle alive, after Stormwind forces were overwhelmed with incoming Horde forces. Karos was last seen commanding his troops to push a scaffolding onto Horde forces as a seemingly last ditch effort. He was not seen after this scene and is presumed dead after the Horde managed to slaughter every single Stormwind Soldier and even a few of the captured Stormwind people. He was seen trying to get to the king after he was stabbed in the neck.

In the gamesEdit

In World of Warcraft , Karos is an Undead Forsaken fighting for the Horde.